TNT Film Consulting

Technical and Tactical Advising for Film Productions, TV, Commercials and Gaming.

Police and military consulting to provide the adequate level of technical authenticity demanded by film productions.


Our mission is to provide authentic and realistic Police and Military technical advice to the TV & Film Industry

TNT FILM CONSULTING Police and Military technical advising for film productions SWAT - SPECIAL FORCES

TNT Film Consulting prides itself on providing, either remotely or on-set, a superior level of technical advice to suit the requirements of any TV/Film production.

We advise on all aspects of Police & Military procedures and tactics, specialising in action, crime and thriller productions.

Our aim is to provide added value to any production. All of our advisors have extensive knowledge and experiences within Italy's Police & Military forces.

Examples of what we offer include:
- realistic dialogue including jargon where required;
- training Hero cast and supporting artists in the correct handling of prop weapons and use of tactics;
- correct and up to date uniforms and equipment;
- script editing and advice;
- on-set technical advice.

We suggest options but do not look to interfere.
We propose but do not look to impose.
We tailor advice to each situation, understanding the requirements of the production.
We understand and embrace the boundaries between creativity and authenticity.

Whether relying solely on our in house advisors or triggering our comprehensive, worldwide network, TNT Film Consulting will provide a first class service to cater for all of your needs.