TNT Film Consulting

Technical and Tactical Advising for Film Productions, TV, Commercials and Gaming.

Police and military consulting to provide the adequate level of technical authenticity demanded by film productions.


Italians high skilled experts both from Police and Military background


From high profile investigations, to forensic and patrolling and everything in between, our team has extensive experience in a wide range of police codes such as:
- Homicide & Robbery
- High profile investigations
- Missing Persons/Kidnapping
- Sex Crime investigations
- Narcotics investigations
- Surveillance
- Crime scene analysis
- Forensic
- Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
- Interview and Interrogation techniques
- Witnessing in trial
- Pathologyst/Forensic Archaeologist
- Intelligence
- Counterterrorsim
- Uniform Patrol
- K9

We are a highly skilled and specialised team that have dealt with both street's real life and bureaucracy/procedural issues.


Years of missions abroad in hostile scenarios have strengthened the hands on experience of our military staff, which comes from:
- Parachuters
- Recon Units
- Spec. Op.
- Navy frogmen
- Urban and Amphibious warfare experts
- Trauma medicine
...and others (for further details please contact us).

Not super heroes but highly skilled individuals who are all high achievers within their Italian elite units.